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What is Wrong with the Church (Podcast)

What is wrong with the church? There is a whole industry of books, conferences and experts talking about why the church is declining. On today’s show Doug talks about an answer many are overlooking. The Community of God: A Theology of the Church From a Reluctant Pastor is available through Amazon or this Website

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Evergreen Church

On Donald Miller, Protestant Popes and Reform

(I wrote the following post for PARSE at Christianity Today) Recently, Christian author, blogger and conference speaker Donald Miller posted a pair of troubling blogs on why he rarely attends church. Miller expressed that he doesn’t find intimacy with God through singing or preaching of a traditional worship service. Consequently, he has abandoned the notion […]

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Arugula, Self-Hate, Reconciliation, Humility and Narcissism (Incomplete thoughts for people in process)

Self-Hate Christian Assessment Culture It seems that much of our Christian publishing industry is fueled by a culture of church discontent and self-hate. Every week a new book comes out decrying what’s wrong with the Church and church leadership. Sadly, most of these books are written for people who already know God. I wonder what […]

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Wendell Potter, Health Care Reform Prophet

http://wendellpotter.com/ The following is a guest post and powerful testimonial from Wendell Potter concerning our broken health care industry. Wendell is a former insurance executive and the author of Deadly Spin, An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR Is Killing Health Care and Deceiving Americans. Wendell is a friend of mine with […]

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Resolutions for the American Church

Here are my 2012 resolutions for the American Church in no particular order of importance. This coming year you will treat your youth pastors with respect, love and dignity. You’re no longer going to interact with them like they are second class ministers who must prove their worth by how many paintball, pizza party lock-ins […]

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