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New Grace for a New Dawn

The sun rises on the evil and the good.  The rain falls on the wicked and the just.  And grace defines the life of every person who has ever walked this earth. I woke up early to write today’s reflection.  The house and world was dark and my mind was muddled.  So I waited for […]

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The Meek Have Failed to Inherit the Earth

Jesus told us the meek would inherit the earth.  The cynical among us don’t see that happening.  Seems like the meek will have a difficult time garnering enough votes to rule or even filibuster.  And even if they could filibuster, being meek, they probably won’t. Meek leadership does not appear to be the fruit of […]

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Spare Me All But Love

My thoughts on the Apostle Paul’s words. “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.” Spare me your prophetic utterances.  Spare me your spiritual manifestations and recitations.  You may be able to sense or conjure up God’s spirit, but […]

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Trying to Determine the Worth of My Existence

While driving to Bellevue Washington to pass the time, I decided to measure the worth of my life as a minister.  Or at least I tried to measure some of the fruit associated with my existence.  When stuck in traffic, I often multitask with introspection.  That way I can feel a sense of futility about […]

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Apple Introduces iCompound. . .

The following is a press release that appears to be from Apple.  Looks like Apple is once again transforming the face of technology. “Apple is proud to announce a revolutionary advancement in the way you experience your Apple products.  Drawing upon the success of our Apple Stores, we are proud to introduce an Apple endeavor […]

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I’m Dyslexic. . . No Joke

I don’t enjoy reading.  I’ve been told this is the definition of dyslexia.  Or at least part of the definition.  Dyslexics lose their desire to read, or they never gain a desire, or they can’t seem to maintain a desire to continue along the written page.  It seems dyslexia is more than the reversal of […]

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The Freedom to Serve Someone Else

When we think of fulfillment, we rarely look at the area of servanthood.  Very few people wake up and say, “I wish I could serve more!”  Rather, we are taught from an early age that satisfaction comes from living a life that meets our goals and our dreams. If you happen upon a commencement speech […]

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Surviving a Domino Crises

Every person, at least once in their lifetime, should experience the joy of setting up and knocking down a carefully spaced row of dominoes.  Domino engineering has the perfect anticipation to payoff ratio.  The more time one spends carefully aligning and designing a spiraling domino maze, the more rewarding the grand finale. Playing with dominoes […]

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Death to All Moderates

It seems Moderates are going the way of the Amish.  We may still exist, but the culture has left us behind.  Or at least the “new media” has pushed our political horse drawn carriages aside. Instead, this is and shall ever be the age of extremists!  Let the moderates dwell in button wearing, barn raising […]

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