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A Christian’s Guide to Hurting People (Warning: Possibly Satirical)

1. Always end all hurtful, condescending, judgmental communication with “iron sharpens iron.” Iron sharpens iron is a magical “get out of jail” card that absolves communicators from all the consequences of their communication. If the receiver of your email is hurt or offended, they need to realize that your two thousand word diatribe against the […]

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Sometimes Rebellion is the Fruit of God Leadership! (A Must Read for Pastors)

It’s easy for pastors to fall into an irrational logic concerning their worth and role as a minister of the gospel. I’ve often joked with fellow ministers about the seemingly thankless role of the senior pastor. If the church grows, God gets all the credit. If the church fails, it’s your fault! Revival is attributed […]

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Arugula, Self-Hate, Reconciliation, Humility and Narcissism (Incomplete thoughts for people in process)

Self-Hate Christian Assessment Culture It seems that much of our Christian publishing industry is fueled by a culture of church discontent and self-hate. Every week a new book comes out decrying what’s wrong with the Church and church leadership. Sadly, most of these books are written for people who already know God. I wonder what […]

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Equipper’s Survival Guide (By Steve Crosby)

The following is some helpful advice from my friend Steve Crosby. Steve has written and spoken extensively on issues of church leadership and abuse. The following are some words to help Christian leaders and pastors understand their unique assignment in the body of Christ. Equipper’s Survival Guide (By Steve Crosby) Spiritual abuse is like finding […]

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