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Gossip Nation

A gossip is someone who takes pleasure in airing the dirty laundry of others. A political consultant is someone who wins elections airing the dirty laundry of others. Wait a second, that is actually the definition of a successful blogger. Excuse me, that is really the perfect description for a really good internet news site; […]

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Someone Broken

Someone Broken By Doug Bursch Who broke you? Who crushed your worth and made you the man I see today? It’s always great with you, always victorious, always going well and better than before. You’ve given every one in this room advice. Yet none can be taken, nothing can be learned by you. Who harmed […]

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The Failing Rhetoric of Bitter America

“We must remember our history so we can find new reasons to justify the same mistakes.” I hope this is that election. The moment when it finally crumbles. . .the moment when all this righteous rhetoric is seen for what it is. . .political pandering and meaningless shell game shuffling. The tired narrative has been […]

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Hunger Games Spawns New Movie Franchise

In response to the overwhelming success of The Hunger Games, executives at Lionsgate Studios have announced they will immediately begin production of a spin off to the Hunger Games Trilogy. The new three part movie will also be accompanied by a soon to be authored book of the same name. Rumors are that J.K. Rowling […]

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