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The Failing Rhetoric of Bitter America

“We must remember our history so we can find new reasons to justify the same mistakes.” I hope this is that election. The moment when it finally crumbles. . .the moment when all this righteous rhetoric is seen for what it is. . .political pandering and meaningless shell game shuffling. The tired narrative has been […]

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Hunger Games Spawns New Movie Franchise

In response to the overwhelming success of The Hunger Games, executives at Lionsgate Studios have announced they will immediately begin production of a spin off to the Hunger Games Trilogy. The new three part movie will also be accompanied by a soon to be authored book of the same name. Rumors are that J.K. Rowling […]

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Shocking Revelation Concerning World’s Biggest Internet Sites

An early morning April 1st press release has shaken the internet world to its core. After an elaborate six month investigation, researchers have determined that 90% of all internet content originates from one author, Walter P. Mooreridge. After checking the grammatical, syntactical, and thematic structure of millions of original and aggregated posts, researchers determined that […]

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An Apology to SNL’s Andy Samberg

An Apology to SNL’s Andy Samberg My apologies to Andy Samberg. I few months back I wrote a quick post about my dislike of Andy Samberg’s SNL Digital Short, “Wish it Would Rain.” To convey my disdain of that particular video, I may have employed unfair hyperbole. In retrospect, calling Andy Samberg’s Wish it Would […]

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