One Response to Political Christianity Disillusionment

  1. Theresa hage December 5, 2017 at 7:26 pm #

    I just truly believe they are blinded. I was caught up back in the Bush years feeling very righteous on how I believed the religious right were right. (And they make politics a big part of it). It is amazing how that environment can suck you in!! It really does because the focus is on those horrible liberals who are ruining America and God is angry. It is all fear based ( fed and fed over and over again) They get one fearing the future so there is an urgency to learn what ever you can about what terrible godless things are happening because you are taught “Its what God desires of us”. Then you begin to believe you are strong in the Lord because of it …But you can’t see any of it as being wrong when you are swimming in it!! I am very thankful that during that time I was questioning my own heart on how any of this can be from God when my heart was starting to be bitter toward people and I had no peace inside. I also had questions about freedom…I thought ‘what does that even mean?’ I got out of politics…no switching sides…just out. Giving these struggles to the Lord in prayer was the beginning of a journey in which He opened my eyes to the poor theology I was following…Seek and you shall find..Yes!…He was faithful and gentle in my messed up thinking and lead me to some very good teachers that taught me how surrender is the key to freedom. So, Its really hard cuz I know I cant change others but knowing how blind I was helps to see others may be struggling too but they only know the theology they have been taught .Its tough to see cuz you want to help open thier eyes. I pray and careully ask questions that hopefully they can ponder.

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