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  1. freedalyn greene July 19, 2017 at 11:51 am #

    Thank you Doug. I appreciate the parallel between Passover and the giving of the law, and Jesus crucified and resurrected, with the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. Also, I never connected Pentecost and Babel before, that the speaking with new tongues reversed the curse permitting the good news to go forth to all the world and be understood.

    The problem remains however that even people who speak the same language have trouble communicating. This is especially troublesome when it occurs between believers. We have the Word of God illuminated by the Spirit of God yet we still quarrel amongst ourselves, even trying to bolster our positions by referring to the Word or claiming the Holy Spirit told us this is so .If the Holy Spirit was poured out that we could be more unified, yet arguments regarding the Holy Spirit continue to divide believers.

    Father God, I humble myself before You and on behalf of Your church pray for a cleansing of Hearts, an opening of eyes to our own sins, selfishness, prejudices, an opening of our ears to hear You in the Scriptures & not our own theology,; I repent that I should ever look down on or mock another believer as if I were judge, instead of a sinner saved by grace, whose very faith is a miraculous gift. Lord, may we all more fully surrender to Your Holy Spirit instead of arguing about Him, may we love people first before making sure that they agree with us. You have said that to the pure all things are pure: I repent of cynicism with regard to some Christians thinking they don’t really worship You if they say and do what they do. Forgive me and purify my heart, for my faith is equally suspect, my theology more refined than my walk. Pour forth Your Spirit in waves over Your church, that we may return to our first love, they the fire of Pentecost purge away selfish ambition, pride, resentment, envy. Purge us that we may bear the fruit of the Spirit more abundantly. Purify our tongues that we not speak in anger or derision, but seek to bless. In Jesus’ name amen

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