Clown Break

My Crusader Friend

My Crusader Friend
by Doug Bursch

I’m more concerned with your weapon than your target.
The way you aim and pull the trigger
before you turn, smile and wink in my direction.

Today we’re friends, but what of tomorrow?
What if my words contrast your certainty?
Will you throw me into the camp of infidels and enemies?

Sometimes I wonder what came first…
was it your cause or was it your weapon?
Or did the cause just give you the opportunity to aim and release?

What would you do if your side actually won?
What would you do with your weapon?
Would you even notice the battle was over?

You don’t trust me because I won’t join you,
but I’ll be God damned if I ever use that weapon of yours.

Clown Break

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  1. Lucas J. Draeger March 10, 2014 at 9:17 pm #

    Out flippin’ standing

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