The Analytics of Doug Bursch’s Lifelong Social Media Presence (My Future Funeral)

We are here to live tweet and celebrate the life of Doug Bursch. Although his birth certificate handle was Douglas Steven Bursch, his close family and friends knew him simply as @fairlyspiritual or

@fairlyspiritual was loved by his many Facebook friends and cherished by his many Live from Seattle with Doug Bursch Facebook fanpage fans. Even though @fairlyspiritual rarely accessed his LinkedIn account, he always appreciated those who regularly asked to be added to his network.

As you can see by the slides, gifs, and vines behind me, @fairlyspiritual actively shared his love for life with anyone willing to follow or friend him. We will forever treasure and aggregate his content and memories.

At this point in our service, let us all pause for a moment of silence, after which we will each tweet what came to our minds during that moment of silence. For those of you Instagramming the service, this would also be a good time to caption your work as well as determine the right filter. Please make sure to hashtag all aggregated content with #dougsdead, so that the family can compile all future content within their funeral analytics.

@fairlyspiritual had a Pinterest account but could never really figure out how to use it. Even so, @fairlyspiritual asked that the women in our audience who would like to honor him through Pinterest would do so by pinning creative ideas for cooking corn in the microwave.

As the most important aspects of @fairlyspiritual’s life are forever present online, we will spend very little time addressing his life content here today. Instead, we will focus on the areas of @fairlyspiritual’s life that might not be known to most of you. For instance, are you aware that @fairlyspiritual’s blog post on Donald Miller received almost 3,000 hits in one day. Or did you know that his “The only thing we have to fear is the fear of small elves” tweet was retweeted ten times. More importantly, Hollywood movie writer and director Judd Apatow once responded to @fairlyspiritual’s tweets concerning one of Apatow’s lesser known movies. This was truly one of the highlights of @fairlyspiritual’s social media life.

Although many of us certainly have our own stories about @fairlyspiritual’s social media presence, @fairlyspiritual asked that we share our stories by posting, sharing and retweeting them on our various social media platforms. Again, be sure to use the hashtag #dougsdead for the compilation of future analytical data.

With this said, we offer @fairlyspiritual’s social media presence up to God. We thank you for the presence and aggregation of his life’s content. May God richly bless the work of his iPhone and MacBook Pro and may we all be encouraged to create daily content that is engaging, humorous and most importantly, sharable and retweetable. #amen.


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4 Responses to The Analytics of Doug Bursch’s Lifelong Social Media Presence (My Future Funeral)

  1. Dan Behrens (@danieljbehrens) February 6, 2014 at 10:29 pm #

    sniff. sniff. just don’t have words to describe..

  2. Lucas J. Draeger February 7, 2014 at 5:55 am #


  3. Sabrina & Steve Woodard February 7, 2014 at 5:02 pm #

    #dougsdead? #noooooooooooo #hiseverpresentinternetmemorieswillliveon agreed Dan, sniff, sniff, it is almost too much to bear =( Oh also I am a woman but do not use Pinterest… Where do I send the microwave corn recipes? #cornisgood

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