Many Reasons to Leave the Church: Jesus is Not One of Them!

Rachel Held Evans recently wrote a blog for CNN on why millennials are leaving the church. After reading her thoughts, I decided to dedicate a large portion of my radio show to the assumption that people are leaving the Church because it’s not Christian enough. As a radio host and pastor, I have a unique perspective on the growing culture of Christian discontentment that increasingly permeates our discussions and conclusions about church health. To be clear, I agree with much or even most of Rachel Held Evans CNN post. However, I disagree with the conclusion that people leave the Church because they “don’t find Jesus there.” Please listen to the entire show below. This is less a response to a blog post, as it is a response to a growing, troubling trend in Christian community.

Click here to listen to Live from Seattle with Doug Bursch broadcast about why there are many reasons to leave the Church, but Jesus isn’t one of them.

You can listen to Live from Seattle with Doug Bursch at Monday through Friday’s from 4-6 pm (PST).
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One Response to Many Reasons to Leave the Church: Jesus is Not One of Them!

  1. Lucas J. Draeger August 3, 2013 at 4:15 am #

    I had a chance to listen to the podcast. I really think you’re onto something when you talk about the “culture of discontentment”.
    I found it interesting that you talked so much of the need for community. Personally, I feel like that’s exactly where many (not all) church bodies are failing so terribly. They talk a lot about connecting people via activities and “small groups”, but it all really takes a back seat to the big Sunday production. I wonder sometimes if we wouldn’t be better off turning weekend services into a big potluck.
    And you’re exactly right when you say this is a CULTURAL problem, not a church problem. The issue is that our churches are often immersed in that culture – a culture that is obsessed with consumerism, and it seems that many church bodies have caved to the pressure to turn “church” into something that is nicely packaged and conveniently consumed.
    SO appreciate your perspective, as always.

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