And God said,

And God said,
by Doug Bursch

Not all of God’s words are spoken,
Many are seen, felt and breathed in.
If you pause and make room for God’s beauty…
If you pause and try to capture God’s glory…
If you pause and seek the words that are not spoken…
You may happen upon a divine picture or movement.

Light through the window becomes a cascade of grace.
Wind-rustled field grass becomes praise.
And the scent of spring becomes prayer or is prayer
To those who breathe in.

I cannot nor will I outline my God.
He is the line and the space that surrounds the line.
He is the letter, the note, the pen, the paper,
The motivation that gives meaning to these feeble words.

But He is more than my words, more than my page,
He is my surrounding, enveloping, all encompassing God.
I hear him in the silence, for He is the living Word.

In light

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  1. Candace May 24, 2013 at 8:46 pm #

    Love this post and really love the photo!

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