Daily Proverbs (Possible Tweets 11-22)

Daily Proverbs (Possible Tweets 11-22)

11. The integrity of our communication is often rooted not in what we say, but in why and how we say it.

12. Individuality is a mirage. We understand our humanness in relationship to other humans. When we love more, we become more human.

13. Wayward eyebrows are the reward of longevity.

14. If our first goal is to win the argument, then we’ve lost the argument. Love and understanding are the real precursors to effective communication.

15. If God led you to a house church, rejoice! If disgruntled people from your old church led you to a house church, reflect and possibly reconsider.

16. Reactionary communication usually hurts people who have nothing to do with the reason we are reacting.

17. Fear compounds when we give it interest.

18. If the purpose of terrorism is to increase fear, then fearless living is the best longterm response.

19. Avoid following most inspirational math. You will die if you give 110%. . . in fact 100% will also kill you. Giving 60% seems prudent.

20. Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people has never once included your mother. Consequently, the validity of that list should be called into question.

21. We are usually just a turn away, a beautiful turn, from meaningless meandering to intentional love and light.

22. The world needs far more creators than critics. Create something, it will bring strength to your soul.

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