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And God said,

And God said, by Doug Bursch Not all of God’s words are spoken, Many are seen, felt and breathed in. If you pause and make room for God’s beauty… If you pause and try to capture God’s glory… If you pause and seek the words that are not spoken… You may happen upon a divine […]

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Equipper’s Survival Guide (By Steve Crosby)

The following is some helpful advice from my friend Steve Crosby. Steve has written and spoken extensively on issues of church leadership and abuse. The following are some words to help Christian leaders and pastors understand their unique assignment in the body of Christ. Equipper’s Survival Guide (By Steve Crosby) Spiritual abuse is like finding […]

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Daily Proverbs (Possible Tweets 11-22)

Daily Proverbs (Possible Tweets 11-22) 11. The integrity of our communication is often rooted not in what we say, but in why and how we say it. 12. Individuality is a mirage. We understand our humanness in relationship to other humans. When we love more, we become more human. 13. Wayward eyebrows are the reward […]

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