Being Found

Being Found
by Doug Bursch

Let me be alone first…
unencumbered by the demands of the crowd,
or the systems, or the groups, or the other than expectations.

Let me be alone, left alone…
detached from the strings and pulleys, pried loose from the rebar,
the mooring, the foundations and expectations of others.

Let me be isolated…
unable to connect or belong,
unable to find acceptance or understanding,
unable to satisfy anyone’s expectations,
including my own.

Let me disappear…
deep in the belly of the beast, at the bottom of the endless ocean,
swallowed, consumed and lost in the implausible tale,
without expectations.

Then I will wait…
I will wait in the void, in the chasm, beyond the grid.
I will wait for you to come and find me.
I will wait expectantly.

And when you find me…
I will know that I am found.

Being Found

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