This Translates Well

This Translates Well
by Doug Bursch

Sarcasm does not translate well.
You can say that again.
Sarcasm does not translate well…

What do you mean by sarcasm?
A mean the stuff I say that you don’t understand.

Well why say something that causes confusion?
Because it’s an achievable goal.

Satire is difficult to understand.
You can say that again.
Satire is difficult to understand.

That isn’t even satire. Is it?
Depends on your definition of satire.

My definition of satire is found in the dictionary.
Well that’s not very funny….
which is more like a New Yorker cartoon kind of satire.

The best communication is clear communication.
Yet no one votes for clear communicators.

I’m not talking about politicians, I’m talking about good communicators.
Good communicators would have stopped reading this conversation long ago.

I didn’t realize this was a conversation.
Well you better go back to the top and read it again.

I’d rather not do that.
Too late…you already did.

I don’t even know why you wrote this in the first place.
I wanted to prove a point.

And what point is that?
That you have too much time on our hands.

Speak for yourself.
I’d rather speak for both of us.


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