The Problem with Free Days

The Problem with Free Days
by Doug Bursch

Take the day to dream and be free!
However, bring back something when you’re done…
So everyone can rejoice in your freedom.

Loose yourself from the deadlines and expectations of the daily grind.
But if you don’t mind, come back with a word or two
About the wisdom you found on your detour.

Oh don’t worry, no one is asking you to justify the day.
Just bring back something to demonstrate what a great choice you made,
The choice you made to leave everyone and pursue unfettered inspiration.

Go ahead, go play….but make sure you write it all down.
Write down all the freedom you found and the wisdom you gained.
The world is waiting for you, with eager ears.

Enjoy your freedom, but if it’s not a bother,
Make sure you post something, tweet something,
Or at least write one of those little poems you enjoy.

No one is expecting anything from you today.
So go ahead…climb that mountain to abide with God.

The world will wait for you…and wait for you…
And wait for you to bring them the inspiration you found
On the mountain of God….

Go and be free…. there are absolutely no expectations…


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