The Evil God Allows

The Evil God Allows

by Doug Bursch

Abel’s offering was acceptable to God,
it pleased God.

Cain’s offering was not acceptable,
it did not please God.

Abel gave God his best, Cain gave something less.

God told Cain to do that which is acceptable,
“Do good, for evil is crouching in the corner, ready to devour you.”

But Cain killed Abel, Abel with his acceptable offering.
And God did nothing to protect Abel.

Abel’s good offering and God’s good pleasure did nothing to protect Abel.
Cain’s unacceptable offering devoured Abel.

And God asked Cain a question,
“What have you done Cain,
What have you done to your brother?”

Cain, with gnashing teeth responded,
“Am I my brother’s keeper? Is it my job to protect acceptable offerings?”

The blood spoke first,
“Yes, you are responsible.”
God confirmed the truth of the blood’s testimony,
“You are responsible for the protection of good offerings,
You are responsible for the life, the blood, and the offering of Abel.”

So we choose to love and not love God.
And we choose to love and not love his children.
The fruit is beauty and seemingly endless sorrow,
As the devouring spirit perpetually consumes precious offerings.

I will keep as many as I can.
I will watch over those entrusted to my care.
I will choose to believe that there is a last word,
that will overcome all this sorrow in the light of eternity.


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3 Responses to The Evil God Allows

  1. Glen Petersen December 18, 2012 at 10:23 pm #

    Brother…LOVE IT favorite line “As the devouring spirit perpetually consumes precious offerings”

  2. David Putman December 20, 2012 at 2:26 am #

    Protectors of good offerings… perhaps your blog on suppression of violence Is related. Pray daily for pure motives. Very inspiring and I look forward to His last word.

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