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Review: I Was Wrong: Rise of the Guardians is Great!

So I’m going to make this quick because my mind is already drifting towards more important things, like pumpkin pie and football doubleheaders. However, before I head into Thanksgiving holiday bliss, I’d like to make you aware of Rise of the Guardians, an excellent holiday film opening in theaters today (November 21st). Last week I […]

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My Answer To Homelessness in Seattle

I host a daily radio broadcast from the 15th floor of Blanchard Plaza in downtown Seattle. My commute to and from Seattle is about an hour and twenty minutes, give or take a rainy day or a carpool lane fender bender. I usually enter the heart of Seattle through the North I-5 Seneca exit. It’s […]

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A Conflicted Christian’s Response to the Election

I don’t enjoy conflict, even when it’s necessary, healthy or unavoidable. This might explain why I confront most political activity with low grade anxiety/depression. When I try to figure out if it’s anxiety or depression, I just end up feeling more depressed…or is it more anxious. Regardless, I don’t enjoy feeling conflicted when confronting conflict. […]

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