I will be amazed

I will be amazed
by Doug Bursch

I tried to make a science out of my God,
but He refused to get in my petri dish.

I tried to tame and encapsulate my God,
but He refused to be caged or leashed.

I tried to use and consume my God,
but He refused to be my drug.

I tried to systematize and package my God in three point harmony.
He broke through my borders, He crushed my carefully crafted plans.

My sandcastle kingdom, forever washed out by God’s relentless waves.
My handmade idols, perpetually consumed by His relentless fire.

Your ways oh God, Your ways are relentlessly bigger than me.
I will call out your name, I will wait for your Kingdom…
and I will be amazed.

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2 Responses to I will be amazed

  1. legionwriter October 24, 2012 at 3:13 pm #

    “but He refused to be my drug”
    This may be His most confounding attribute. He’s the cure for our addictions, but refuses to become one Himself. Much love, Mr. Doug.

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