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Week in Review: J.K. Rowling, China Wind Power and Element 113

The week in review. -Replacement refs replaced. -Japanese scientists create unstable Element 113. They quickly name the unstable element Sheila for obvious reasons. -Republicans come up with several new reasons for Obama’s widening lead in battleground states. Most probable explanation revolves around overt reality bias among voters. -Major television networks announce their plans to cancel […]

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Always for Mother

Always for Mother by Doug Bursch She would direct the blade through each apple slice, Towards her calloused thumb. I admired her peace with the blade. My earliest memory of Mom is contrast; Me sitting on the counter, ready to sift the flour, gazing at apple, blade, and calloused thumb. When I was young, I […]

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A Community I Can Touch

A Community I Can Touch By Doug Bursch This portal to community, smooth to the touch. Touch, touch, touch; one finger to navigate, investigate, communicate and explore. Two fingers to zoom in and out, to center your eyes with your interests. Seeking interest as you endlessly filter; through updates, posts and tweets. Updates, posts, and […]

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iPhone 5 Upgrade Less than Astounding

Apple unveiled the new iPhone today with few surprising revelations, although the name iPhone 5 is somewhat shocking. I thought they’d choose something a little more accurate like the “iPhone Resistance is Futile Edition” or “iPhone 5 Hundred Dollars Please.” One thing is certain, the iPhone 5 is somewhat worse than the iPhone 6. There […]

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