The Failing Rhetoric of Bitter America

“We must remember our history so we can find new reasons to justify the same mistakes.”

I hope this is that election. The moment when it finally crumbles. . .the moment when all this righteous rhetoric is seen for what it is. . .political pandering and meaningless shell game shuffling. The tired narrative has been the claim of past Christian nation, past noble foundations, past glories rapidly fading. The tired narrative has been the story of the liberal, anti-Christian monster, destroying the fabric of our once worshipful nation.

And it is all I’ve heard since I was born into the ever fading America. And the story has been the same, but louder, the same, but uglier. It is all so ugly, this America in decline narrative full of ugly words, ugly accusations, and ugly fruit. . .rotten fruit falling to the ground in an endless orchard of angry email forwards.

A 24 hour news cycle to lick the wound, pick at the wound, create the wound. And it has grown louder with every day, every post, every old media/new media aggregation.

Once great Christian nation, perpetually declining. Once great Christian nation, perpetually defiled by the godless liberal. No longer do we have presidents, senators, or representatives. No, we are a land of socialists, communists, fascists, and other demon spawned accusations.

It only takes a few words to be labeled. It only takes one wrong decision to be thrown overboard. This American ideal has become so ideal we spend most of our time throwing the aberrant travelers overboard.

And I pray that it crumbles. Not the nation! No, I want the nation to stand. But the rest of it. . .I earnestly pray that it crumbles.

I pray that it crumbles and falls into unmanageable pieces. My God, how can this be a Christian nation? I walked to the edge of our land, positioned myself up against the boarders of this “once great nation” and I saw the Spirit of God drifting towards better shores. Not shores with better ideologies, better constitutions, or better people, but towards shores with a better Spirit. A Spirit rooted in the love, grace, and goodness of God.

I asked the Spirit to turn back towards us. . .The Spirit said, “You turn first. . .”


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