Distance Thoughts

Distance Thoughts
by Doug Bursch

You said come away, but I had one more thing.
One more thing to say, one more thing to do,
one more thing keeping me from you.

You said come my way, but I had things to see.
Things to explore, things to be,
one more thing keeping you from me.

You said something I could not hear.
It was too soft to hear. . . Or maybe
it’s too loud where I stand, doing things I’ve planned
before I can come back to you and hear the things you want me to.

And I can’t tell what your expression is saying.
You’re too distant for me to understand your face.
Maybe later I’ll come closer and leave this place.

But right now I can’t afford the thought of forgetting what I’m doing.
I’ve been doing it so long, it must be worth something.
It’s worth something right. It’s worth something right!
Can you hear me? Is it worth something!


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