Making Time for Growth and God

I’m not an early riser. In fact, I’m barely a riser! I will not get up early unless an alarm clock is blaring or my kids are bouncing up and down on my stomach. Unlike most bedside clocks, children do not have a snooze button. If you ever find me up at the crack of dawn I am most likely dealing with a church emergency, grabbing my fishing pole, or welcoming the second coming of Christ.

For the most part, we make room in our lives for what we consider most important. In other words, we give prime time to what is of prime importance. The alarm is set for school, work, or even play because we believe certain activities are worth our time and energy. It is amazing how significant a sunrise can become when a paycheck is on the line.

It is critical that we frequently pause and remember our primary purpose for living. As a Christian, I believe my life runs best when I align my will with God’s will for me. Consequently, the best use of my time is found in pursuing and making room for God’s purposes. For me, God is not a tag on to a busy week. Rather, God is my destination. He is to receive my best energy, resources, time, and money. My alarm clock is to be set first and foremost for him. I schedule my life around God.

In living this way, I have found tremendous peace, contentment, and joy. I do not serve God out of fear, but out of loving obedience. Since I believe I am a created being, I have no problem trusting my creator knows what is best for my life.

I have found the most important areas of my life prosper when I yield to God’s will and God’s timing. My marriage, my children, my close relationships flourish when rooted in God’s ways.

I encourage you to pursue what matters most. Make room in your calendar for that which brings you life. Decide what is important, set your alarm, and show up!

I have been a minister long enough to say with complete certainty that half hearted pursuits produce half hearted results. Marriages and relationships are not restored or rejuvenated with left over time and energy. God is not found with throw away minutes.

I encourage you to set your alarm this year for noble purposes. If you’re a person of faith this may require you wake up a few minutes earlier next Saturday or Sunday to gather with fellow believers. You may feel a bit tired, but the fruit is worth the momentary inconvenience. Don’t worry, others will be there who are also not morning people. Pastors included.


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