Moderate Thoughts

The following is a somewhat satirical excerpt of mine concerning the philosophical conundrum of “the moderate.”

“The word moderate is similar to the word balance. Balance is the end of the rainbow. No matter how well we articulate and point to its existence, we are still unable to arrive at a fixed end destination. Even so, we still drive our discussion in the direction of balance, hoping that we will reach a similar conclusion.

So here is my attempt to define the moderate pot of gold we’ll most likely never reach.

– Moderate is what I am in relationship to where I disagree with you.
– Moderate is what you are in relationship to your ability to agree with me.
– Moderate is the ability to recognize that others are not really moderate.
– Moderates unite on how unique they are from everybody else.
– Moderate is a middle child who wants everyone to get along but also wants to be loved.
– Moderates like to form groups out of their inability to be in groups.
– Moderate is the word I use to describe my feelings of alienation.
– I’m not in the disregard minority, I’m moderate.

Moderate is obviously more than this list. It is as nuanced as personality and human perception. When I think of moderate, I’m usually pondering issues of the spirit of the dialogue. There are people that I agree with in content, but not in spirit. Conversely, there are individuals who see truth very differently than I do, but the way they communicate this truth resonates with my soul.

For me, a moderate is someone who can express his or her opinions without attacking someone’s humanity. To me, moderate is rooted in that other seemingly nebulous word known as love. When we love people, we communicate our truth within a climate of love. Consequently, to be moderate is to communicate truth without hate. This is easier said than done. It is my sincere conviction that truth must be accompanied by love. When love becomes a secondary value, love ceases being love and truth ceases being truth. I know I often don’t succeed at this aspiration, but it is the motivating desire of my life.”


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