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Poems from a Plane (2/15/2012): Starting over, Bitter Saint, A Thoughtless Offering, My Present Need, Barb. . . ara, and The Problem with Spiritual Fathers.

Poems from a Plane (2/15/2012) Starting Over by Doug Bursch Before I say goodbye to this life, I will begin again. And I will believe that a rebirth is better than an inevitable end. I’m sure it will seem irresponsible to some. . . But so few actually try. So even if I’m wayward, I […]

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Food for the Poor: Guatemala Trip Day Two

Food for the Poor: Guatemala Trip Day Two We arrived in Guatemala City on a pleasant, partly cloudy day. Not much humidity, clear air, and a slight breeze. Our group of twenty travelers from radio stations around the country headed directly to the Sor Lucia Roge Nutritional Center in town. The Nutritional Center is actually […]

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Food for the Poor: Guatemala Trip Day One

I’m traveling with Food for the Poor to experience their work in Guatemala. Each year 820 AM KGNW listeners donate thousands of dollars to support Food for the Poor’s humanitarian endeavors. As a host and spokesperson for those campaigns, I take my job seriously. I believe anything worth doing for the Lord is worth doing […]

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A Review of the 5th Avenue Theater’s Oklahoma! It’s “wonderfully disconcerting.”

The 5th Avenue’s new production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! is a wonderfully disconcerting pleasure to enjoy and digest. Executive Producer and Artistic Director David Armstrong has referred to Oklahoma! as “. . . truly the quintessential American musical.” The 5th Avenue embraces this truth by weaving a quintessential American tension throughout the production. This […]

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Susan G. Komen Sadness

Susan G. Komen Sadness By Doug Bursch I have a right to be sad. . . Pressure from the right, Pressure from the left. Nothing left unsaid. Everyone vilified, marginalized, and suspect. I suspect it will not get better, Until we all get our pound of flesh. Tearing the world apart, With our grand vision […]

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