Foursquare 2011, Tuesday. . . Repenting of Bitterness

Today Pastor A.J. Swoboda spoke about being willing to embrace dead things, with the faith to believe God will bring about a resurrection. He called us to embrace spiritually dead people, spiritually dead cities, spiritually dead situations. He called us to make room for resurrected life.

During our business meeting I was once again encouraged by the transparency of our leadership. With humble grace they outlined convictions and strategies to improve financial accountability and to ensure better stewardship of Foursquare resources. Although the meeting was a bit drawn out, this was primarily done to make room for and to show value for the voice of each church and individual in the room. This is another sign of the servant leadership that permeates our movement.

Tonight we focused on missions by honoring and praying for existing and new missionary works. As we prayed for our missionaries, I was once again reminded that God always views the world from a world perspective. He does not limit His vision, compassion, or focus to our boundary lines and borders.

We also had a special offering taken to dedicate to Foursquare missions. I believe the offering is a good idea. We will pray about this when I return home. Evergreen Church will give something to be part of this worthy offering.

Pastor Leslie Keegel (Foursquare national leader in Sri Lanka) brought us a prophetic word that Foursquare’s fruitfulness is being inhibited by bitterness and unforgiveness. He told us that God is calling us to repent of our bitterness and find healing. After the service, many Foursquare leaders repented of issues revolving around bitterness or unforgiveness. It was extremely powerful and healing to see leaders genuinely repent before God. Each of us searched our own hearts as well.

Pastor Keegel also called Foursquare to embrace the miraculous. He prayed for us to be imparted with healing gifts. He also prayed for many to receive healing. Many leaders went forward to the altar claiming healing and deliverance. It was a beautiful night of faith inspired proclamation.

Jennifer and I prayed afterwards that God would increase our faith in the miraculous and our obedience in our prayer life. It was a good night. After the meeting we shared a piece of chocolate cake and a Subway sandwich; in that order.

I know that today’s evening message was meant for some leaders who were not in the room. I encourage my fellow Foursquare pastors, particularly those struggling with bitterness, to listen to Pastor Keegel’s message. I believe you will find healing.

So far I’ve been really enjoying navigating this conference with my lovely bride, Jennifer. She is more than just my wife, she is my co-laborer in ministry. I am so much more when she is with me. We are so much more when we are together. I’ve always believed that Jennifer is the spiritual mother of nations of followers. I still believe this today. I look forward to seeing this happen as we move forward in faith.


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