Columbus, Ohio is Misleading Tourists! (Foursquare Convention Blog)

Columbus, Ohio really needs to rethink their tourism campaign. Jen and I just had a wonderful day being pleasantly surprised by just about everything. We took a country drive, just outside city limits, and stumbled upon several idyllic small towns with gorgeous green vistas. As it is Memorial Day, we got an extra helping of bucolic charm. Country graveyards lined with American flags, main streets lined with lawn chairs waiting for the accompanying parade, Little League boys readying their straw baled floats, and an extra helping of town folk on front porch rocking chairs.

There were several times today I wanted to encapsulate the human scenery I was experiencing, put it in my pocket, and take it home with me. I’m probably over-idealizing the day, but when an elderly man graciously waves at you from his front porch as you drive past a Mennonite barbecue in full swing, you get a little carried away. It was like someone punched me so hard in my sarcastic, cynical gut I was left completely defenseless. Overwhelmed by the small town Americana glory of the day, I was unable to express anything but reverent patriotic sincerity. I almost rolled down my rental car window to start singing God bless America. However, 90 degree heat and farm stench overruled my spontaneity.

As we drove back into Columbus, Jennifer and I committed to a reasonable plan of action. We are going to write the Columbus, Ohio board of tourism and kindly request that they rethink their current marketing strategy. So much of the beauty we saw today was simply not on their visitor pamphlet page.

So thank you Foursquare for choosing a destination we would have never chosen. Columbus, Ohio ain’t that bad!


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