Reasons not to believe in God

Reasons people don’t believe in God. . .

God is immoral.  Why would God allow for such pain and suffering?  If God is good, why does he allow bad things to happen?  I cannot follow a God who would allow bad things to happen.  Shame on you God!  Shame on your morality.

God is indifferent.  Why doesn’t God intervene in my life and the life of others?  He doesn’t care about my life; he doesn’t care about the pain I’m going through.  If he exists, he has better things to do than care about me.  Shame on you God!  Shame on your lack of caring.

God is mean.  Why would God allow people to go to hell?  Doesn’t a loving God want the best for everyone.  Shame on you God!  How could you be so cruel.

God is unjust.  It is not fair how some prosper while others live in tremendous want.  God is arbitrary in his work.  The wicked prosper, the meek are crushed.  And what about those poor souls who never get a chance to hear God’s good news?  Shame on you God!  You are suppose to be fair.

God is angry.  Why would God demonstrate such uncivilized emotions as jealousy, anger, and vengeance?  A loving God would never express wrath or exact judgement.  Shame on you God!  Control your temper.

God doesn’t exist.  Our existence is nothing more than molecular chance.  The universe and all it contains is but a bang, energy randomly forming, mutations strung together at the pace of probability.  Shame on you God!  You are nothing more than fiction.

God is not needed.  I’m doing fine on my own.  I make my own life and my own decisions.  Why should I praise, worship, and adore God?  God does not need me and I certainly do not need God.  Shame on you God!  Stop being so needy.

God has forsaken me.  When I needed God, I could not find him.  He hid his face from me and left me to fend for myself.  He left the villains to run the city and ruin my life.  I am not one of his beloved.  Shame on you God!  You left me alone and unprotected.

God is myth and contradiction.  Everyone serving their different god.  Every god fighting against the other.  So much foolishness.  What purpose can be found in these contradictions?  Shame on you God!  You lack consistency.

Why should I serve God?  I am god. . . I create my reality.  I visualize my health, my wealth, my happiness.  The universe serves me. . . I make the earth turn, the moon rise, and the oceans roar.  Shame on you God!  You should be serving me.

God is . . . continually rejected a billion times over.  God is. . . continually protested a billion times over.  God is . . . continually spit upon, cursed, ridiculed, and avoided.

My answer to such things. . . a thousand pages, a thousand sermons, and a thousand arguments to follow.  Or maybe not. . . maybe just two words and a few more.

God is!  I know that I know that God is!  Therefore, I will always follow him.  There is no shame on my God.  There is no shame in my God.  I am finite. . . I do not understand all.  Even still, I will embrace my limitless creator.  God is and will be forever.  So I will be his as well.

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  1. Krystal Maas March 24, 2011 at 2:01 am #

    I have to say that this is my favorite blog posting so far!

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