Christ is the Answer to the Fullness of God

Christ is the answer.  There is no other path. . .no other way to the fullness of God!

Freedom is rooted in the cross of Jesus Christ.  God came embodied as man.  In Jesus, grace took on flesh.  In Christ, love took a breath.  The hands of Christ extended the will of God into the heart of mankind.

God is love.  In Christ, the fullness of God’s love dwells in bodily form.  As we see Christ, we see the heart of God.  Christ speaks favor to all who hunger, thirst, and yearn for the righteousness of God.  Christ is freedom; he is the door to deliverance.

The prisoners are stacked high around us.  They travel in slave ships, live in slave quarters, work for slave wages.  They build perpetually crumbling kingdoms.  Slave quarters reek of death.  Death is a far too familiar fragrance.

Death sits at the table of time, mocking the plans of men.  Death takes the last wage, the last breath, and the last dream.  Or so it appears to some, or so it seems to many.

But this is not our equation.  We know the secret!  The secret is behind death, over death, even before death.  Before death, there was life.  Life and love allowed death to fester for a time.  Life and love allowed death to take its course.  A wage for sin, a wage for a fallen world.

Even so, life has the first and last word.  Life came from life.  In the beginning, the light and life of all existed in eternal perfection.  Our Father God gave us existence within the light.  We became extensions of his image, his love, his perfection.  In mystery he gave us the gift of volition.  We could choose to give glory to the light we came from.  Or we could choose to cut ourselves off from that which created us.  We were loved and gifted with the ability to not love in return.

As we choose to love ourselves above all things, we found the reward of death.  So death sits at the table of humanity, scoffing at our plans, assuming that we are death’s reward.

But we know a secret.  The life that formed us, the life that was from the beginning, would not submit to death.  The righteousness of God penetrated our darkness, entered the courts of death, and set the captives free.  All have been freed, all have been delivered, all have been given a mercy without end!

So we plead, each and every day!  Enter in!  Enter in!  Receive the favor of God!  Your name is no longer death.  Your name is mercy, grace, joy, freedom, and life.  Love has given you life.  Receive the gift,  Christ’s foot rests securely on death’s throat.  Death is the preamble, the precursor for the life to come.

I call my brothers and sisters from the four corners of the earth.  Come out from your slave quarters, reject the stench of death.  Breathe deep the deliverance of God.  Christ has broken into the house of death.  He has cut the slave masters to their knees.  He has taken control of the rebellion and set the captives free.

I know this to be certain.  In Christ there is fullness.  In Christ, there is the restoration of all mankind.  The freedom begins today and lasts for all eternity.  There are too many fearful eyes in the house of the Lord.  My father’s house is not a house of fear, but a river of endless favor, mercy, and freedom.

Be encouraged!  The only Way has found you.  You will be and you are forever free!

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